What is Trigger Finger?

This is a condition that can affect one or more fingers. It occurs when a tendon becomes swollen and catches as it moves through the tendon sheath (that surrounds it). It is a type of tenosynovitis. A clicking / catching sensations will then occur.

It is common in the thumb and ring finger. Often on the right hand, however I have treated people with is on either hand and on other fingers.

Symptoms can be; pain, stiffness, locking and clicking of the finger, often stuck in a flexed position. It will then however become “unstuck” and straighten either by help or on its own. It is often very frustrating for the patient!!!

Why does it happen to some of us?

If the tendon or tendon sheath becomes damaged in some way, so resulting in inflammation, trigger finger may occur. The tendon cannot move through the sheath and bunches up causing a nodule, which can sometimes be felt. Hence when it eventually straightens it clicks painfully and then suddenly frees!

There are other associated conditions similar to this called Dupuytrens contracture, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.


If you have been diagnosed with his condition the following will help;

Physiotherapy; where we will treat the pain and inflammation initially, followed by splinting, exercises and manipulation. Cortisoid steroids and surgery may be suggested, but only if the condition does not improve and it is severe. In many cases physiotherapy addresses the problem and helps the patient maintain the normal range and function of the hand. This condition can be treated successfully at Stagg Physiotherapy.

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