About Stagg Physiotherapy

We aim to offer dedicated physiotherapy in a caring environment. Our physiotherapy is geared to restore normal fluid movement as quickly as possible. This will reduce pain and encourage full function as soon as possible.
Below is some further information about some of the treatments we offer our patients. If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Baby and Neurodevelopmental Physio


This is designed to assess & treat postural conditions that have occurred as a baby develops which can delay development. Conditions such as torticollis and talipes are often treated, along with helping babies to progress to crawling and walking if these are proving tricky. We also treat children with specific conditions such as Downs and Cerebral Palsy, which can affect their development.


Clinical Pilates


Pilates is a method of exercise that will address weak areas of the body that can cause injury. It primarily tackles weaknesses in the inner core; e.g abdominals, glutes, lower back. Physiotherapists use clinical pilates to help their patients exercise specific areas of the body which need strengthening. This will in turn reduce the rate of injury and help maintain patient well being.
Clinical Pilates is excellent for those who have suffered repeated injury, e.g. back pain, sports injuries such as those from running, postural problems. Clare Thomas-Stagg (Physiotherapist) can provide one-to-one appointments, or courses.  Please contact Stagg Physio for more information.



Gait Analysis

We will analyse your gait to identify movement abnormalities and advise on the best treatment to correct the movement reducing injury.


Insurance/ Medical Expert Service

We currently work with solicitors and medical companies to provide road traffic accident, accidents at work and through medical negligence to proved both assessments and physiotherapy. A detailed report service is also available.

Equestrian Pilates


Having the correct posture when riding will not only help you ride better, but in-turn will help your horse move better. It can also help you to reduce injuries and keep you supple in the saddle. A course on either a one:one or group basis can be arranged, at the clinic or your stables. Course of treatment consists of; mat work, Swiss ball work, and work on your horse. Of course bespoke courses can be provided. For more details please contact Stagg Physio.

Work place Ergonomics

We can provide a physiotherapist who can assess work station assessments, DSE assessments and give your work force health and well being advice.


Adult Neurology

We are able to treat many neurological disorders affecting the movement of adults and children. We aim to supplement the health service provision which can give you back some control and provide constructive support in improving your situation.